Domingo – Defected

Club nights come, club nights go, but the best nights rise triumphantly and evolve. I love a bit o Defected; from its beginnings in Pacha, to raising the roof off Booom! (gone but not forgotten), then squeezing into the Amnesia terrace, playing second fiddle to Together when it was a star in its own right. After two seasons it is time to move … 

Having lived in San Antonio and travelled to the island for fifteen years I have been saddened to see San An go from a clubbing metropolis to a shameful drunken experience and whilst I would never discourage a trip to the islands’ west end, I admit, I have of late, missed the San An of the late 90’/00’s. What San An needs is a great club! Cue closing of Gatecrasher, reopening of Eden *appluase* 

The Defected label has brought us brilliant bangers over the years. Their dedicated followers love the showcasing of new talent and the Pacha/Booom/Amnesia success prove they are a label to be reckoned with. This year is Eden’s time to shine, so what better way to draw in the crowds than by a marriage with Defected and affixing a guaranteed crowd pleasing night to the weekly lineup.

 I feel I can happily say that Defected has really found a home in San Antonio’s Eden and I hope it is here to stay. Let’s get ready to open….

Excited as a small child at Christmas and my mates all jealous when I announce I would attend Eden’s Sunday Opening Party, I count down the days to the weeks end. I care not what I wear as long as I bag myself a fan! Luckily I had a few worker friends who PR for the label, so fan in hand, I head to the west end for drinks in Soho bar. I say hello to Danny Barry spinning tunes and Fiona pouring drinks as she does each year then …. oh what? … wait! oh what the frick is this … it’s only raining!!

​​Now this sounds crazy but it’s another fabulous reason why Eden is the place to go on a Sunday … should it rain we can run there and run home 😂😂 I joke, Im with my friends down the west end and on my way to the Defected Opening Party, who cares about torrential rain? well … actually me! So I wrap my hair in a black bin liner turban cos I gotta look good for Amine Edge! #DJCrush. 

We make it inside, it’s sold out, so I’m happy for the following reasons:

*reader alert – suggestive text below* 

  1. Defected are in the Eden house
  2. I am dry and I have a Defected fan
  3. Amine Edge & Dance
  4. Monkey emoji has me feeling Gooood!
  5. There is a gorgeous guy in the bushes of the smoking area …

I’m Lucy in the groovy sky with diamonds and swaying in my silver dress to the faint beats I can hear from the smoking area. The bushes start to rustle. I must be on drugs (lol) as I begin to think there is a guy in the bushes … there is! Said guy is not good, my heart burst for him and I offer to take him home. He thinks I am an angel so I tell him I’m Lucy and it’s all groovy baby. 

I’m Lucy, he’s Sick Boy, my mate is Freezing so his mate takes his shirt off and hands it to her, becomeing Topless Boy. We make it back to our hotels and laugh about the bushes all agreeing that it was a fabulous opening – what a Defected bunch we are!


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