Head Crasher @ Gatecrasher

I started writing this post three years ago … like most of them they are unfinished as I experienced the island in the ‘now’ and had little time for blogging. Here is what happened shortly after I arrived:

I was very choosy when it came to my place of work. I let the Tweens and returning reps fight over bar jobs. I write from ‘my office’ an Irish bar in San Antonio. I am half regular, half PR girl for them. I gain a position working for Kisstory @ Gatecrasher, this serves me well as I am passionate about this radio station and getting in for free is exactly me. I am a lazy leaflet-er and prefer to hang at O’Flaherty’s encouraging the folk there to join me on a night out, which is more successful than walking around handing out flyers it seems. Apparently Gatecrasher goes into liquidation and we are faced without a job and without remuneration. I head to ‘my office’ to think. I am annoyed and frustrated. I did not come here for this… For a few days we wander around lost, half looking for new jobs, half giving up and checking flights home. The island seems to exacerbate problems. My head hurts. I do not particularly want or need a job, I am here to have fun, but fun does need a little money to make things … er funner! I head home to the UK, I have an idea…..

I return. I heave my bags up to my cheap scary room on the fifth floor at the top of the west end around the corner from the Boozer. I have a shopping bag of glitter: chunky glitter, fine glitter, liquid glitter! I have make-up, body paints, brushes and an array of sparkly bindi. I am the Gold Glitter Girl.

This summer (2014) is all about me, it is about being free. I spend the mornings adorning myself and walk about the island in my usual manner enjoying the sights, making new friends. I paint anyone who asks and glitter as many as I can – the Gold Glitter Girl is happy, twinkling along the promenade, making people smile.



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