Unashamedly Proud

I always thought I was too cool to visit the same place more than once. I can go anywhere, anytime I like, yet despite this my favourite place will always call me. I love South Beach Miami where it is vibrant, cultured and slick but it pales in comparison to the White Isle.  Nothing can beat this vibe, nothing feels more like home than here.

Having travelled here so many times in the last fifteen years I pride myself on having some insider knowledge. I  know about my little island; I have favourite spots, know undiscovered beaches and also that my island is more than just somewhere to party. It is my favourite getaway and I am fiercely passionate about it. I understand it is where revellers go to get away form their lives with hypnotic house beats and mind altering substances but for me it is where I find peace and love; where I find myself.

I divide people into two categories when discussing my white isle; those who dismiss it with blanket sweeping statements and those who are interested in why I am unashamedly proud to hold Ibiza in my heart. I am frequently met with incredulous looks and wide eyed wonderment when I announce my summer destination but I no longer care. They do not know what is at the end of a cobbled street, have never climbed to the top of the castle or have stared across the water to see Es Vedra rock jutting out. With so much to discover I will never tire of travelling to this magical island.

Ibiza is part of me. Ibiza is where I feel I belong, where I am welcomed and free.


2 thoughts on “Unashamedly Proud

  1. I’m half watching a rerun of friends and typing this whilst sheltering from the rain in this 16th Century hotel after having walked around all my childhood haunts in the little village I grew up in that’s set in the green and lush landscape of South Yorkshire. Life is good. I love that you are following your heart. 🙂

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